CSE Bliss can provide almost any part of your hammermills.

We are housed in a 7,000 square foot fabrication shop and an additional 2,000 square foot for paint and final assembly, that allow us to keep lead time short on multiple feeder rebuilds and/or refurbish hammermills. A list of just some the parts and equipment that we offer and work with daily is listed below. if you have any questions or would like more information please give us a call or contact us via the contact page and we would be happy to speak with you!

Wear Plates



Directional Gates

Screen Carriages



Cutter Bars

CSE Bliss Hammermills are designed to achieve optimum performance that lasts, even for the most demanding applications. Our hammerhills are manufacture using over 40 years of experience along with using customer suggestions that you can only get being directly in the industry. CSE offers our hammerhills in a variety of sizes, which allows us to meet any size reductions needs that our customers may have. CSE pride itself on being able to offer the best quality and value of any other hammerhill on the market today.



  • The housings are made of heavy duty 3/8”-1” A36 steel plate
  • Reduced noise level
  • The housing is made to remove rotor from the side without removing bearings from the shaft.
  • Vibration Safety Switch

Optional Features:

  • Directional Gate
  • Vibrations Monitoring or Vibration sensor switch
  • Dual Motor Base


CSE Bliss Hammerhills come standard with Dodge Imperial Bearings. These bearings are two pieces that house a spherical roller bearing with a taper lock to secure the bearing to the shaft.

Optional Features:

  • Bearing Temperature sensor

Internal Wear Parts:

  • CSE Bliss has easy replacable wear plates to assure protection of the housing to give the hammerhill a longer life.


  • Our hammerhills have sliding doors that are made from 3/8” steel plate.
  • The doors are on heavy duty rollers that allow the doors to slide with ease and convenience.
  • Reduces foot print
  • Gives the operator full access to the grinding chamber for easy maintenance.
  • Safety switch

Optional Features:

  • Trapped key door safety interlock switches


  • Rotors are completely machines and assembles with spanner nuts.
  • The rotor has dual positions for coarse and fine hammer positions.
  • Rotors are precision balanced and tested with the hammerhill at operating speed to break the bearings in and assure the vibration is in tolerance. This insures a problem free startup.

Spring Loaded Screen Carriages

  • Laser cut to hold precision fit to the wear plate
  • These screens prevent any leakage
  • Screen Carriages are made of 1/4’’ x 1 ¼’’ mild steel

CSE Bliss Rotary Feeder is designed to provide a steady, consistent supply of material aross the full inlet of the Hammerhill. This help to achieve the hammerhills full grinding capabilities. The rotary feeder requires a VFD to allow for adjustments of the feed to rate to the hammerhill. The CSE Feeder is to OUT LAST our competitor feeders and reduce down time. The CSE has sloped air inlets that allow air to flow directly into the hammerhill.

The housing is made from ¼’’ steel, and the inside that concerns with the product is made of 3/8’steel. The 3/8” travels along the full circumference of the rotor, making all the product contact areas last 2-3 times longer.

The CSE Feeder comes with a built-in magnet protection system. This system comes two options as an annual clamp unite or an auto self-clean unit. The built –in magnet protection system allows us to build the feeder to directly replace any other feeder on the market.

The CSE Feeder comes with Dodge bearings and sumitomo gear drives. We can offer TE.FC or TE.XP motors.


  • Heavy Magnet Protection
  • Sloped Air Inlets (To Prevent Build Up)
  • Wekded Steel Pocket Rotor
  • 3/8 Thick Steel Product Contact Surface
  • Auto Magnet Cleaning


  • VFD
  • Micro Switch to Indicate Magnet Open
  • Heavily Duty Magnet
  • High Intensity Magnet
  • Rare Earth Magnet
  • Explosion Proof Motor

Rotary Feeder REBUILDS

Do you have a feeder that’s worn out??? DON’T THROW IT AWAY!!  Send it to us and we can rebuild almost any model better than new at a cheaper cost than a new feeder!!

CSE Bliss will cut your old feeder apart and replace the worn-out parts with New CSE Bliss Rotary Feeder Parts. We replace the product contact area with 3/8’’ plate which will make your feeder last 2-3 times longer than a new feeder. We replace the rotor with ¼’’ steel rotor. We will also go completely trough the magnet protection and replace any parts that are broken or worn out.